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Capital: Kampala

Languages: English, Swailli

Population: 37,000,000

Timeline of events

1862 British explorer John Speke is the first European to visit Uganda.
1962 Uganda gains independence. Mutesa II becomes president.
1967 Obote imposes a new constitution, which makes him president and abolishes all of Uganda's tribal kingdoms.
1971 Military leader Idi Amin overthrows Obote. During Amin's cruel eight-year rule, an estimated 300,000 people are killed.
1978 Amin attacks Tanzania. Amin is forced out of the country in 1979.
1986 Yoweri Museveni takes power. He brings stability and improved human rights protection.
2008 a cease-fire agreement is signed with a rebel group
2010 A fire destroys the historical burial site of four ancient rulers of the Buganda region. Violence breaks out after angry protesters, who blamed arsonists for the fires, clash with security forces
2013 A child from America (That I personally know) Raised hundreds of thousands of US dollars to raise money for the Uganda Water Project, to allow water plants in Uganda.

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