Rules List: Edit

  1. Don't Spam. Especially in the forums.
  2. Say appropriate things.
  3. Don't add things irrelevant or Disturbing to this website. Its considered Vandalizing.
  4. Don't mess up / Spam / Destroy the Wikia. I can undo ALL OF IT, and is conisdered Vandalizing and will NOT be tolerated.
  5. Try not to add opinions to any articles. This is meant for facts, not for saying how much you hate China.
  6. Read the Forum rules before making a Forum post.
  7. Do not add more sites to the wikia without my permission. You can say suggestions & Advice in the proper Forum category.
  8. DO NOT flood chat, comments, or Forums, this includes: Pornographic | Offencive | Racist | Spam | Gibberish | Random, comments.
  9. Do not undo anything. It is Vandalizing. If you find spam or any type of Vandalizing, PM me or reply in forums. I will fix it.
  10. Do not create duplicate pages.
  11. Do not edit solely for the purpose of ranking/Wikia achievements.
  12. Do not create pages w/ personal Info.
  13. Read the Forum rules before Commenting or spending time on the Forums.
  14. Do not fight with me, I will completely rid you from this editing opportunity.
  15. Only add VALID information. Don't add information that either isn't true or isn't relavent to the topic.