Basic Information Edit

Capital - Lima

Largest City - Lima

Languages: Spanish & Quechua

Area: 1,285,216 km2

Population: 31,151,643 (2015) 27,865,934 (2007)

GDP Total: $217.607 billion

Declared: 28 July 1821

Recognized: May 3rd, 1866.

History Edit

1438 The Inca Empire begins its rise to power
1533 Spanish soldiers led by Francisco Pizarro defeat the Incas.
1533 Lima is declared new capital of Peru.
1824 Peru wins its independence from Spain. It's the last colony in

Latin America too.

1911 American archaeologist Bingham, finds Machu Picchu,

the dead city of the Incas.

1983 weather phenomenon called El Niño causes flooding in some parts

of the country and drought in others.

1998 Peru signs a treaty with neighbor Ecuador.
2001 Alejandro Toledo ibecomes first Native Indian President.
2009 Former President Alberto Fujimori is sentenced to 25 years in

prison for ordering abuses by the country’s security forces.

Trivia Edit

  • Modern day Peru has been home to lots of ancient civilizations, the largest of these was the Incan Empire.
  • The Inca Empire was centred around highlands of the Andes mountain range, and is a popular tourist attraction.