Population: 7,820,000

Religion: Islam

Largest city: Amman (5,000,000)

Capital: Amman

Languages: Arabic, English.

Currency: Jordanian Dinar

Drives on the: Right

Independence: 1946 June 17th

Leader: King Abdulla (1999-Present)

Calling Code: +962

GDP Growth Rate: 3% (2012 est.)

Main Exports: Clothing, Fertilizers, Potash, Phosphates, Vegetables, Pharmaceuticals, crude oil, etc.

Population Growth Rate:  - .965 % (2013 est.) 

Timeline of events Edit

63 BC Rome, conquers the region of Jordan. In 106 A.D, it becomes part of the Roman

province of Arabia.

1921 After World War I, Brittain gains control of the territory that becomes known as

Transjordan. In 1923, Britian recognizes Transjordan's independence, but retains a

hold on military, financial and foreign affairs.

1946 jordan is granted full independence from Britain. Abdullah I is named King.
1949 The country’s name is changed to Jordan. After the state of Israel is created,

Jordan joins its Arab neighbors to fight the new country. Jordan takes over the

West Bank and East Jerusalem.

1951 King Abdullah is assassinated. Later, Hussein is named king. He rules until 1999.
1967 After Israel wins the Six Day Arab-Israeli War, it gains control of Jerusalem and

the West Bank.

1970 Thousands are injured as government forces battle Palestinian fighters.
1994 Jordan and Israel sign a peace treaty.
1999 prince Abdullah bin al-Hussein is sworn in as king.
2001 King Abdullah and the Presidents of Syria and Egypt work together on a $300 million

electricity-line project that links the three countries.

2009 King Abdullah dissolves parliament.
2011 With a civil war raging in Syria, hundreds of thousands of refugees pour into Jordan

Trivia Edit

  • Jordan is one of the latest arabian countries in the middle east, being made an official country in 1946.
  • Two Kings are named Abdulla.
  • Jordan is one of the safest countries in the middle east as of today.
  • King Hussein is ruler for the longest, 48 years!
  • Amman, was previously named Philadelphia. That was when the british ruled Jordan.