Quick facts Edit

President: Joachim Gauck (2012-Present)


Population: 81,106,685 

Capital: Berlin

Language: German

Currency: Euro

History Edit

Year Event
919 AD The Saxon dynasty rule Germany.
1118 AD The Knights Templar founded to protect Jerusalem and European pilgrims on their journey to the city
1499 Switzerland breaks away from the German empire.
1814 Congress of Vienna establishes the German Confederation of 39 independent German states (Becomes

an actual country.)

1871 Germany captures Paris.
1918 Germany IS declared a republic.
1919 A national assembly meets in Weimar to write a new German Constitution
1923 The National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis) attempt an unsuccessful armed rebellion led by Adolf Hitler
1933 Hindenburg appoints Adolf Hitler as the chancellor and Nazi Germany begin persecuting Jews
1939 Germany invades Poland starting World War II
1940 Germany captures Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Luxembourg. The Allies including Russia, UK and USA retaliate.
1945 Adolf Hitler commits suicide; Germany surrenders, World War II ends.
1961 The Berlin Wall was built
1989 The Berlin Wall demolished
1990 East and West Germany was reunited.
2008 Germany was hit hard by the global financial crisis in late 2008 and 2009.

Stats of Germany Edit

Population? 81,770,900 6th
GDP per capita? $41,267 20th
GDP Total? $3.371 trillion 4th
Area? (Km) 357,168 km2 63rd
HDI 0.916 (very high) 6th

Trivia Edit

  • Germany has maintained (and even lost) their population count, as in 2000, the recorded population just hit 83 million, while as of 2016, the population is roughly 81,770,000.