The US is the country with the most tornadoes in the world. Tornado Alley, is where most the action happens, which is located in the middle of the US, ranging from Texas & Louisiana, to Michigan & Indiana.

Although, Tornadoes can happen anywhere, at anytime. Which is why you should develop your own plan incase a tornado does wreck havoc near you.

Difference between a Warning & a Tornado Watch Edit

Watch Edit

A Tornado watch, means that the weather is capable of producing a Tornado in the Watch given area. Stay alert of any funnel shapes in the sky, and have a safety route planned.

Warning Edit

A Tornado Warning, means that a Tornado has been spotted by human eye, or on the Tornado's radar, and is currently raging through the given cities and towns.

Where to be in a Tornado Edit

Of course, most people just tell you to stay in a small area without windows, like a closet. But is that really safe enough?

If your inside a mobile home.. Edit

  • Evacuate your home IMMEDIATELY.
  • Try to seek a Tornado shelter.
  • If no Tornado shelter is near, try to find a home without any straps holding the house.
  • If you can't find any of these, run down into a low ditch, curl up, and cover your neck and head with your hands together.

If your in a non-mobile home.. Edit

  • Get in a basement immediately.
  • If you don't have a basement, get in a closed area, farthest from doors and windows, and get as low as you can. Cover your neck and head with your hands together.

If your outside.. Edit

  • Get in a shelter immediately.
  • If no shelter is near, try to seek inside a non-mobile home, and follow similar instructions.
  • If no homes or shelter are near, get in a low lying ditch, and cover your neck and head with your hands together.

Tornadoes can be scary. It is VERY important to be able to seek in the safest spot away from a tornado.

Before hand.. Edit

Make sure you have in your basement or on you;

  • A phone, for emergencies.
  • Your pets! If you don't have enough time to take your pet in a safe area, then risking your life is not neccesary.
  • Any other personal belongings that you have time to take. Chances are, your house is going to be destroyed by the tornado. If you have anything crucial, you might want to take it with you if time is present.